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Phoenixville, PA

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Bill and Liz Andersen

Bill and Liz oversee the operations at the Farm. They share a passion for growing (and eating!) good food.

Bill helps with various aspects of the farming operation including growing sweet corn with his sons Charlie and Arne, assisting with tillage to control weeds organically, and caring for the small fruits. He is one of the founders of Charlestown Farm and the Phoenixville Farmers' Market, and is also the President of Longview LP, a real estate investment and development firm in Berwyn. Bill is a member of the Open Space Commission in Charlestown Township and a board member of the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville.

Bill graduated from Princeton University in 1981 and received an MBA from the Wharton School in 1983. He lives on Broadwater Farm, the Andersen family's pastured livestock operation which is across the street from Charlestown Farm.

Liz organizes cooking events at the Farm, cooks Monday morning breakfasts for the farm crew, publishes the weekly newsletter, and lends a helping hand wherever it is needed. She is one of the founders of Charlestown Farm and the Phoenixville Farmers' Market, which she also manages. Liz raises beef cattle, sheep, and poultry on grass at Broadwater Farm and sells meat and eggs at the Farm. She is a graduate of the 1981 class of Amherst College and received an MBA from the Wharton School in 1985.

Rick Rigutto with a big passion for farming and food. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, where the connection to farms and farmers was not a norm, Rick was lucky to have a grandfather who grew an acre of vegetables and maintained a small yet prolific orchard. Rick became highly interested in food as he became older leading him to enroll in a culinary arts program out of high school. That path set Rick to become highly interested in the ideas behind a healthy diet and how the food system impacts cultural, environmental and personal health.

Rick began his farming life in 2004 when he moved to South Eastern, PA to start working on an organic farm. It was a perfect match! Since, Rick has immersed himself in the world of farming and very much made it a lifestyle and career. From beginning as an apprentice to farming in Maine and managing farms here in Pennsylvania, the most recent being one of the biggest urban farms in the city of Philadelphia, Rick brings a passion and belief in agriculture that he hopes translates into the food you receive from Charlestown farm.

Charlie Andersen never stops thinking about farm equipment; negotiating its purchase, operating it, fixing it all in the name of efficient and sustainable organic farming. Charlie has implemented a number of alternative energy projects on the Farm. He was awarded a DEP Energy Harvest Grant in 2002 to showcase a locally produced carbon neutral renewable energy source corn. He also helped the family erect two solar panels in our fields, to harvest natural energy for the farm. Charlie has served on the PA Ag Energy Council and the UN Commission for Renewable Energy. Charlie graduated from Amherst College in 2010 with a double major in political science and geology. He will enter the MBA program at Harvard Business School in the fall of 2012, and hopes to pursue a career bringing alternative energy to farming.

Katy Andersen has a passion for farming, food, and everything in between. When she's in town, she helps on the Farm with whatever is needed whether it is weeding onions, planting raspberries, or covering the blueberries with bird netting. Katy offers continual guidance to help us connect with the local food community. She graduated from Princeton University in 2008, where she founded Slow Food Princeton and the Princeton University Farmers' Market, the first student founded, student run campus farmers' market in the country. After Princeton, Katy moved to Italy as a Fulbright Scholar, studying small-scale cheese production. Katy returned to attend Harvard Business School where she received her MBA in 2011, and is pursuing a career related to food, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship.

Kathy Andersen is one of the founders of the Farm. She resides in the house above the barn where she has collections of daffodils, lilies and clivia which attract enthusiasts from around the world. She has always had flower and vegetable gardens until moving to Charlestown when vegetable growing was turned over to the farm. Kathy is a past president of the American Daffodil Society, North American Lily Society and National Chrysanthemum Society. She currently serves on the Boards of all three societies and is Secretary of the North American Clivia Society. She is a flower show judge in all these societies as well as in the National Garden Club and hold an Associate First Degree Master in the Ohara School of Japanese Flower Arranging. She graduated from Vassar College and received a PhD in Chemistry from University of Michigan.

Marvin Andersen is one of the founders of the farm. He resides in the house above the barn and helps in many aspects of the farming operation. He frequently can be found mowing and weed wacking, making deliveries and pickups, and assisting in any work which needs to be done. Marvin is retired from 39 years as an obstetrician/gynecologist in Wilmington, Delaware. He graduated from the University of Michigan and its medical school. He can be heard playing trumpet at the Phoenixville Farmers' Market before Christmas.

Ellie Andersen loves to cook with the ripest, readiest produce on the farm. During the summer, she leads family cooking workshops for Farm members, and develops recipes for them using whatever is in season. When Ellie is not in the kitchen whipping up a cherry clafoutis, she's out in the field: driving the cultivating tractor, harvesting ripe produce, or collecting eggs from our happy hens. Ellie will enter her sophomore year at Amherst College this fall where she is a starting member of the varsity women's field hockey team and an assistant to the cookbook writer and teacher, Betty Rossbottom.

Arne Andersen goes to bed and wakes up thinking about building and improving things. From working on the farm’s website to creating the timber-frame structure over the cob oven, Arne can't stop building! He also works on many aspects of the farming operation including mechanical weed cultivation, tillage, caring for our chickens (the laying hens and the meat birds), equipment repair, and sweet corn production. Arne graduated from Amherst College in 2013 where; he majored in Physics and Environmental Studies, and co-founded the Amherst College Farm, Book and Plow Farm. He currently lives outside New York and is pursuing a career in real estate at JPI.


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