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Farm Equipment

Our equipment helps us grow better crops with less labor. No farm is complete without a tractor and we use 4 of them, a John Deere 6430 for plowing and discing, a John Deere 5325 for laying plastic mulch, transplanting started vegetables, and planting cover crops, A New Holland TN75 for rototilling and finally a Ford 1710 for cultivating. Our tractors pull a variety of implements to help us grow our crops. We also use a Jone Deere CT332 skid steer loader for occaisional jobs.
Here is a partial list:

Flail Mower this special mower chops our cover crops so they can be plowed under easily

Kuhn roll-over plow our rollover plow has 3 ploughshares on each side and it rolls over at the end of the row. This way, all of our furrows face uphill to conserve precious topsoil

Sunflower Disc After we plow, we drag the disc over the filed to break the clumps left by the plow and prepare our fields for planting Brillion Seeder we use the Brillion seeder to plant cover crops seeds. Cover crops are our green manures that fix nitrogen and add organic matter to our soil

Rain-Flo Waterwheel Transplanter we can plant started seedings in up to 3 rows per bed with our transplanter. 2 people sit on the back and drop the plant in the holes made by the dibbles on the wheels. Water tanks allow us to water the seedlings as we plant them.

Williams Toolbar this versatile weeding attachment has special tines on springs to scratch the soil and eliminate weeds.

Basket Weeder and S-Tine weeders these are “belly-mount” implements that sit under the belly of our Ford 1710. They allow precise weeding of our crops.


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